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The Gambia Tech Project is a program deployed by the French Embassy in collaboration with the French Alliance of Banjul to foster and participate actively in the development of a Tech ecosystem that will offer opportunities and facilitate innovations for the young entrepreneurs. With a dedicated incubation space and Tech Lab opened within the Alliance, the project is giving the opportunity to all entrepreneurs to have access to different resources
and opportunities.

Upcoming Events

What About us ?

Project Goals and Objectives

The main objective is to have capable young entrepreneurs and start-ups that will be a strong successful network around the Tech ecosystem in The Gambia. The whole concept move around Tech events and entrepreneurship programs to Support, Coach, Guide and Fund start-ups to prepare them for another level of growth.

See our activities

we raise awareness

Tech Events

We grow a wide list of events around Tech to raise awareness and help entrepreneurs to understand a lot more.

tech Resources

We offer a wide range of services to support entrepreneurs and stakeholders in our Lab open to the public

startups acceleration

We have different programs and workshops to support, train and accelerate Tech Startups


Within the two (2) years program, the main activities are listed as following:

  • Organize public events around Tech
  • Organize trainings and workshop for entrepreneurs
  • Offer technical and digital services or consultancy to entrepreneurs
  • Incubate ten (10) entrepreneurs every year
  • Create a Tech Club with all the major players in Gambia
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